Dreamer of Dreams (a mini opera)

Dreamer of Dreams

Written for the ENO Mini Opera Contest in 2012

The scene: one person alone, the DREAMER.


I am the Dreamer of Dreams.

I walk through the streams of memory

And go by way of neuron paths

To seek whatever I might want.


I build cities in your mind

Of wonders, pleasures,

Horrors, and nightmares,

Then tear them down at will.


I take you to the furthest reaches

Then bring you back to all you know

Painted in a different light

So everything is wondrous new.


I dare to waltz with fears,

Do battle with hopes,

Embrace tiny human suns,

Make love with bitter regrets.


I fashion glories in your mind,

Give you everything you ever wanted,

Cause mirth and joy and all things good,

Prophesy your victory.


Yet with my other hand

I strike you down, bring you low,

Terrorize the corners of your mind,

Trample you to dust.


I can be anything you want

And everything you hate.

All you have to do is ask–

And sometimes not even that.


Your mind is my plaything,

My arena, my stage,

Where everything is possible

So long as I give it will.


I can lead you to the promised land

Or lure you into iniquity.

Whatever kind of mood I’m in

You’re always there to please.


Your deepest, darkest secrets

Your brightest, lightest lies

Your faded, tarnished fears–

All are there for me to plum.


Your mind lies open to my games,

My favorite instrument to strum.

Your reactions are my bread and wine

At least till you grow stale and cold.


Once I have supped what I can sup

From your fertile imaginings

Then do I bid you ‘farewell friend’

And go my merry way.


No more shall I come to you

Never more to haunt your mind

And gentle repose my final gift

For severance final always is.

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