The Perfect Reader and the Ideal Reader

I went to hear a lecture on translation recently where the topic of a perfect reader came up.  After all, how do you translate the ambiguities in a text?  Are you reading too much into something, seeing what you want to see?  Or are you not seeing enough because you’re too different from the author, you’re not the targeted audience, or you’re not a specific subset of the audience who is being targeted with subtext (or thinks they’re being targeted/baited)?

But my question is: can there be such a thing as a perfect reader?

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Been a While

Not sure that anyone’s stopped by, but I’m back after a couple years away.

Remembered that I had this blog, so I figured I’d use it.  Lots of rants incoming, about reading, writing, books, and authors.  Maybe screen plays, playwrights, tv scripts, film scripts, scripts of all kinds, poetry, poets, and translation (mostly of the Japanese variety, but possibly other languages).  After all, I write/read/watch/play all of that, so why not talk about it?

To anyone who stops by, if you want my opinion on anything, leave it in a comment.