Bout of Books – It’s a Wrap

Yesterday was the final day of Bout of Books 14, and the end of my first time participating in Bout of Books.

Overall, I finished nine books (I managed to finish Under the Vale by Mercedes Lackey, No True Way by Mercedes Lackey, and Freedom’s Choice by Anne McCaffrey), read through three-quarters of Tamora Pierce’s Battle Magic, and managed over a quarter (and at least one chapter per day, as I wanted) for Reaper’s Gale by Steven Erikson.

In sum total, I read 164 chapters, keeping in mind that in the books I chose, some chapters were three page prologues and some were forty-page monstrosities written in what I suspect to be size 8 font, and of course most were more normal in length.

The total number of pages read amounts to 3,705 pages, and all but one of the books were mass market paperbacks (the lone hold out was Trade-sized).

Phew, but I read a lot.  And now I feel like I can slow down again, and go back to a much slower pace.  Hope everyone else participating had as much fun as I did.  Thank you very much, Bout of Books, I’m already looking forward to January and Bout of Books 15.


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