Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Wishes for the Book Genie

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by the broke and the bookish.  Every week there’s a different book-ish topic and you pick your top ten for that topic, post, and add your post to the linky on the broke and the bookish’s post.

This week’s theme is Top Ten Wishes I’d ask the Book Genie to grant.

1. I wish for a magical library that shrinks down to a size that I can carry and then with a phrase or something resumes it’s natural size so I can always carry around all of my books.

2. I wish for Tamora Pierce’s book about Tris at Lightsbridge to be out already gosh darn it!

3. I wish for a bedroom with more bookshelves, especially if those bookshelves surround the bed (with a way out, of course) so that I just have to reach out and grab a book instead of having to get up and walk over to my bookshelves.

4. I wish I could read multiple books at once and absorb the content of those multiple books so that I could get through my TBR lists/piles/shelves quicker.

5. I wish I could meet Steven Erikson and have several hours to discuss the enormity of his series.  And I wouldn’t mind if Ian C. Esslemont was there, too, because some of my questions/theories should probably be run by both of the world’s creators/authors.

6. I wish that I could get through the first draft and then edit my NaNo novel by the end of the year.

7. I wish I could find the books that I’m having trouble finding – for a reasonable price or free via a library/borrowing from a friend.

8. I wish everyone I’ve loaned a book to would return my books.  I miss them. ;.;

9. I wish my book budget never depleted, but without mugging the other parts of my budget.

10. I wish that you would place into everyone’s hands a book that will change their life, but make it happen at a critical moment, like whenever each person is most open/willing to receive that book.  And it doesn’t have to be a big change!  But it would be nice if it was a good/positive one.  Like realizing there are actually books out there that they connect with/like.  Or something less bookish is fine, too.

What would you wish for from the Book Genie?

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Wishes for the Book Genie

  1. Greg says:

    I like the library idea. And #10 is nice too!

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