BoB 15 – Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Today’s Bout of Books 15 challenge is a scavenger hunt!  Woo!  Hosted by the Book Monsters, there were five things to hunt for, and I managed to find all five.  Go me!

20160108_1742131. Bookshelves
(My books share space with ceramics, keychains, statues, and toys, among other things; sorry for bad quality)

20160108_174332_12. A book being read for Bout of Books
(Started this yesterday and am enjoying it so far)

20160108_1942443. A book and a beverage
(My favorite mug paired with my current reread)

20160108_174010_24. Blue books
(A nice mix of the types of books I read)

20160108_1941135. A cozy reading spot
(My comfy chair, a blanket, and a bunch of books – what more could you want?  Other than maybe food/drink)

Best of luck to everyone else participating in Bout of Books!

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