Review: The Alpha and His Ace

Quick bit of housekeeping before I get into the review.

Firstly, this is a book a friend of mine found but couldn’t read as she a) doesn’t have an e-reader and b) her phone doesn’t function as such.  So I read it because of her, and otherwise wouldn’t have known it exists.

Secondly, because of how early in the year I read this, it counts towards my When Are You Reading? Challenge for the 2000-Present slot.

The Alpha and His Ace (The Alpha and His Ace #1)The Alpha and His Ace by Ana J. Phoenix
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Dear Author,

I am an Alpha werewolf who has been looking for his mate. Until I find him (yes, I am gay, my pack is pretty much open to sexuality), I am allowed to have fun with other guys. I’m known as a player but that’s okay because once I find my mate, my wolf and I will be truly monogamous.

Then I find him. My mate (You can decide how we meet— make it meet-cute type). But then my mate says that he is an asexual. What the hell? What does he mean, asexual? Does he mean that I cannot have sex with him ever? That he will never enjoy sex with me? How can I make him fall in love with me then?

But my wolf and I are determined to romance my mate; even if I have to join AVEN forum (which I thought at first as forum for AVIAN shifters) and talk around to couples with asexual lovers for tips. Because I will have my HEA with him, right, dear author?

Now, as someone with some very close friends who are asexual, I was really excited to see a book that included an ace character in a romance.  Even better, Phoenix really made Aiden (the asexual character) very believable as someone who is asexual.  She included a lot of very accurate information about people who identify as ace (including the fact that there’s a spectrum) and clearly did her research on that aspect of the book.

On the other hand.  This book – novella, really – was way too short for everything she tried to fit in.  There were too  many subplots, most of the characters didn’t exactly react in believable ways to all the events that came up, Aiden felt kind of flat, and I wanted more of a connection between the two main characters than ‘destiny/fate/my inner wolf says so’.

There were some funny moments – Brandon’s attempts to romance Aiden, mostly – and there were some heart-warming moments such as when Brandon genuinely tried to understand Aiden’s sexuality and tried not to press for more.

But overall, I liked the idea of this novella more than I actually liked it.  My final rating: 2.5 stars.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Alpha and His Ace

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