Why I Don’t Post Reviews of Every Book I Read

I’ve found recently that I like writing and posting reviews.  On my blog, at least.  I have yet to do so on any other site, and it might stay that way for a little while longer or for a lot longer.  But for right now, at least, it’s going to stay that way.

However, I don’t always post reviews for the books I read.

In some cases, I don’t write one because it’s a reread.  When I reread, I do it for my own personal enjoyment, or because I want to refresh my memory before the next book in the series comes out, or because I want to go back and see what I missed based on what someone else said or based on something else that I read.  Which means I don’t want it to feel like work.  That’s not to say that writing reviews always feels like work, but sometimes, especially when I’m struggling with a review, it does.

And I don’t want to experience that feeling when I’m rereading.

Another reason I don’t post reviews is because it’s a book in a series that I started before I started this blog.  If I didn’t post a review for the previous books in the series, it feels weird to me to begin posting reviews for later books in the series.  I will probably at some point do that – for example, when I get around to reading the next book in the Peter Grant/Rivers of London series, or when the next book in the Locke Lamora/Gentleman Bastard sequence comes out, or when I get around to reading the Malazan books that I haven’t read previously.  But I will probably never post a review for any of the Valdemar books that are still coming out.

A third reason I might not post a review is because I want to do a ‘bulk’ review, or a review that covers the whole series.  If I feel like I don’t have a lot to say about the first book in a series, I might want to hold off and review all of the books together.  Partially to avoid synopsis spoilers and partially because it makes the review have more meaning if I can’t otherwise find anything to say.

The final reason I tend not to want to post a review is because I can’t find anything much to say.  Some books are just very bland to me, and I don’t want to spend time trying to eke out enough to say about them.

I recently finished two new-to-me books.  Both were short story collections in series that I’ve been reading for years now (more than ten in one case and pretty close to it in the other).  I won’t be posting reviews of either.

In the case of Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop, this is because I feel like I can’t comment on the stories without having posted any previous reviews about the rest of the series.  Every short story in this book dealt with events from those previous books, and I have no reviews to build on, and so I won’t be writing a review.  Further, I have very mixed feelings about the book in general and the series as a whole, mixed in with the nostalgia of how long I’ve been reading this series.  I’m considering posting a review of the series as a whole because I recently reread it, but I won’t be posting an individual review for any book in the series.

The other collection was Crucible edited by Mercedes Lackey.  Since this is a Valdemar book, the reason I won’t be posting a review is mentioned above.  I thought long and hard about it, but, again, this is a series that may one day get a ‘bulk’ review or a series of bulk reviews since it is made up of many sub-series, but I will not be doing individual reviews.

Are there any reasons you don’t write reviews?  Or do you always write them, no matter what, even if it takes you days, weeks, months?

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Post Reviews of Every Book I Read

  1. The hardest reviews to write are definitely for the 3-star books. Sometimes I feel I could just write, “meh” and that would sum up nicely what I thought of the book!

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