Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like to See Pre-Series


It’s Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly bookish meme hosted by the broke and the bookish.  Each week, there’s a different topic.  Come up with your list of top ten, post it, and then add to the link at b&b’s masterpost, then bounce around and see other people’s lists.

This week’s theme was Top Ten Childhood Characters You’d Love to Revisit as Adults.  One of the alternate suggestions was to reverse that and you know what, that suits me a lot more right now.  So, Ten Characters I Want to See as Children/Young Adults:

1. Kellanved and Dancer from the World of Malaz.  Yes, I know, shocking, Malaz made Michelle’s list again.  But hear me out: I want to know how these two met, how they decided to conquer Malaz Isle and then the world, how they gathered their companions/Inner Circle, how/when they decided to *redacted for spoilers*, their adventures in the Azath Houses… I want to know it all and this would just be so cool!

2. Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  I want to know what sort of student she was, what kind of trouble she got into, who her friends were, was she a prefect or Head Girl or a troublemaker (is that why she’s always onto Fred and George and the Marauders, because they’re following in HER footsteps?).  I just really want to know more about her history.  She’s the one major teacher character who’s history we never really learn much about and that’s really come to drive me crazy the more I think about it.

3. Falsteed from A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis.  We hear about why he’s in the asylum, yes, but I want to see it.  I want to watch his change from doctor to ‘madman’, to see the obsession that caused him to commit the acts that got him condemned as insane.  Also, I want to know if his sense of smell has always been that freaking good, if there’s a preternatural element to it, etc.

4. Ilane of Mindelan/Seabeth and Seajen from the Protector of the Small Series by Tamora Pierce.  Specifically, how did her and Piers end up married?  Was it arranged?  If so, when did they realize they loved each other?  If not, how did they meet?  And I want to see her in the Yamani Isles, being mocked behind smiling faces until she saved their regalia – and then I want to see the turn-around in everyone’s behavior around her.  Also, was that like a one-off thing?  We never hear of her fighting other than that, except for the naginata training.  But I can’t believe that was a one time only thing, especially given that Kel is her daughter.  So yes, Ilane’s backstory, please give it to me.

5. Maura, Calla, and Persephone from the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater.  I love the psychic trio, but we know that they’re not related.  So I want to know how they met, I want to see more of their psychic games, I want to know if they went to college and, if so, did they fool around with drugs and alcohol and Tarot then, too?  Or, if not, what about in high school?  I want to see them when they were young and dumb and still learning their gifts, learning how talented they were and pushing themselves – were the older women against it?  Or are they the ones who made 300 Fox Way the psychic haven that it is?

6. Emily Alexander from the Honor-verse by David Weber.  When did she first become a holo-drama star?  Did her mother push her into it or did she have to fight for it?  How did her and Hamish meet?  What happened that fateful day of the accident?  So many questions, but we only meet her as an adult, already an invalid but still supremely confident of herself and her marriage (with two exceptions).  I want to know if she was always so sure of herself or if she struggled to find that inner serenity she’s known for.

7. Holland from the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab.  I want to see his struggles to take the throne of White London, to see his interactions with the previous king.  I want to know how he managed to grow up in White London without being ‘eaten’ by predators, if he was always ‘protected’ by White London’s rulers because he’s an antari or if he had to struggle until the unnamed previous king found him and – what, took him in?  Enlisted him?  Whatever it was that happened.

8. Father Chains from The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch.  We meet him as an old man, already settled in as the leader of his little gang of thieves.  I want to know why he chose that route, how he became a priest of *redacted for spoilers*, everything.

9. Queen Beatrice from Jim C. Hines’s Princess series.  She drops occasional hints about a very exciting past but we never get to learn exactly what it was.  I would’ve loved to see who she was before she married the king.

10. Diana Tregarde from Mercedes Lackey’s series of the same name.  This is a bit of a cheat as there is actually a short story out there about Di’s time at college but it only shows the beginnings of the Spook Squad, and doesn’t even introduce all of the members.  I want to see how they all came into play, etc.
In writing this post, I found out that there actually is a novella about this but it wasn’t one I had heard of or known was out until now, and the reviews imply that it’s most the previously published short story about her time at Harvard.  So it probably doesn’t continue to flesh everything out, unfortunately.

What characters do you want to see either pre- or post- series?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like to See Pre-Series

  1. I bet McGonagall was a nerd! Nice picks this week!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    • siderealday says:

      Well, we know she’s very intelligent, so that wouldn’t surprise me, either, but she was in Gryffindor, so clearly bravery outweighed a search for learning.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Okay, McGonagall as a child?! Love it! This is such an awesome thought to maybe see how she was at Hogwarts in her day, how many shenanigans she got up to?! Perfect. It’s actually a really funny thought but super awesome at the same time. There is probably a lot she did that she would never allude to as a Professor throughout the novels.

    Awesome choices!

    • siderealday says:

      I know, right? She’s just way too on top of everyone for me to believe she had a squeaky clean tenure.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I would love to see McGonagall as a child. Also Maura, Calla and Persephone when they were younger would be awesome!
    My TTT:

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