2017 Beat the Backlist Challenge


Yes, yes, we all know I do sooo well with challenges.  But considering the length of my TBR list, I’m hopeful that this one will actually come true.  Maybe.

The Beat the Backlist challenge is to help decrease those TBR stacks of already-released titles that tend to get pushed aside in favor of newer books. For the full challenge information, click here.

For right now, my goal is to read 50 books published before 2017 off my TBR for this challenge.  If I read a book from before 2017 that isn’t on my TBR, it doesn’t count for one of those 50 (but it will count as a ‘bonus book’).  I need to add this stipulation because every time I go to the library I walk away with more than what I went for.

I will also be participating in the (optional) Hogwarts House Cup Mini Challenge.  #SlytherinPride
Information on the optional challenge is found on the same post as information for the full challenge, so click the link up at the top if this makes you curioussssss./Snaketalk

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2 thoughts on “2017 Beat the Backlist Challenge

  1. Flavia says:

    Yes! I’m joining as a Slytherin too! HIGH FIVE!

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