Beat The Backlist Update


I realize that I completely forgot to do one of these for January, so here is my combined January/February Beat The Backlist Update.

Please note, because BTB closes submissions before the end of the month, my ‘tallies’ are a bit off from what the official tallies would be.  But I am being careful to not include my March reads in this.

My goal for Beat The Backlist 2017: read and review 50 books from my To Be Read list; all ‘random’ grabs count but not towards the 50

January: Five books read, all from my TBR list
February: Seven books read (if you count the Tsubasa volumes as three separate books), all from my TBR

Total: 12/50 books

So far, not too shabby, but I’d really like to pick up the pace a bit since I’m participating in the mini-challenge, the Hogwarts House Cup, for the glory of Slytherin House, winners of the January Cup (but not, alas, the February one).

Good luck to everyone else participating!


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