Beat the Backlist Update


So I forgot to an update for May last month, and this one’s late, whoops.  But here’s my (combined) update for May and June!

My goal for Beat The Backlist 2017: read and review 50 books from my To Be Read list; all ‘random’ grabs count but not towards the 50.

Read: 7 books published from before 2017 that were all on my TBR list!  1 book published from before 2017 that wasn’t on my TBR (yay bonus book).  And 1 book that was on my TBR… but was published this year.

Total: 29/50 (+2)

It is more than halfway through the year and I am more than halfway to my goal, so that’s good.  And things in my life are settling down to some extent, so that’s also good for my reading time.  We’ll see where things go from here, but I’m feeling good about this again.

How’s your goal coming?

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