Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Resolutions

Yay making TTT two weeks in a row!  I’m starting this year off strong (even if my post is late in the day on Tuesday, oops!).

For those who don’t know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  Each week is a different topic.  Come up with your list of top ten, post it, and then add the link to the masterpost.

This week’s theme was Ten Bookish (and Blogging) Resolutions for the New Year.

1. Read more books this year than last year.
It’s not that I didn’t read books last year – I just didn’t read as much as I normally do.  I’m hoping to fix that this year.

2. Read more books off my TBR/Backlist.
Beat the Backlist helped with this last year, which is why I’m participating again this year, but I know I can do even better.  And actually hit my goal this year.

3. Finish some series!
There are so many series that I haven’t finished but haven’t DNF’d, and a lot of them are finished now or will be later this year.  So I really just need to buckle down and pick them up.  If I put the final book in the series on my TBR list, maybe I’ll remember?

4. Read the books I didn’t get to last year.
In last week’s TTT post, I mentioned ten books that I meant to read last year (or earlier) but didn’t.  I intend to get to them this year, one way or another.

5. Remember to participate in more WWW Wednesday and TT Tuesday posts.
I love these two memes, but I haven’t always been super good about remembering them.  This year, I’m going to try harder.  I like blogging and these memes help blogging be more fun.  In line with this one…

6. Visit more of the WWW Wednesday and TTT posts.
I was so bad about visiting and commenting on people’s blogs last year, so this year I will try to be better.

7. Restructure my reviews/rating system.
Right now, this is pretty haphazard (read: basically nonexistent) as my reviews are basically rambles/rants.  Yes, they’re coherent, but there’s no order to it and I know that spoilery summaries end up on a lot of my reviews of later books in series.  Hopefully I’ll have a  new system that I like in order by the end of January, if not sooner – I’ve got a review coming up that I can experiment with, after all.

8. Actually finish the first draft of one of the two novels I’ve been working on.
Ideally, I’ll finish both but I understand myself.  One is a stretch goal – two might be impossible.

9. Keep up with my book club’s reads.
I only make it to about every other meeting due to having a primarily evening-focused job right now, so I’m not always good about reading whatever book they are when I know I’m not going to make the discussion.  But they’ve read some books that were on my TBR that I still haven’t gotten to and I run into the librarians who lead it often enough that I can usually find someone to talk with about the books at least briefly, so I should at least read whatever it is.

10. Have fun reading!
I don’t know about you, but sometimes reading feels like a real chore, even if it’s a book I picked up at random.  I’ve gotten better about DNF-ing since I started this blog, but I think I need to be more willing to rotate novels or at least to pick a book I KNOW I will love and enjoy reading – even if it’s a reread – when I’m otherwise bogged down with my current reads.  Hopefully that will help with slumps, too.

What are your goals this year?

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