Summer Writing

For those who don’t know, I am not just an avid reader – I write.  A lot.  Way more than I talk about here, actually, since this is primarily a book review blog.

And with June almost mid-way over, I would just like to take a moment to talk about the two write-a-thons I’ll be participating in over the next month and a half.

November | 2009 | Loving the Tasmanian Devil: Marriage ...

First there is the familiar: Camp NaNoWriMo, sponsored by the Office of Letters and Light.  National Novel Writing Month in the off-season, with adjustable goals (hours, minutes, words, pages; any genre you want, including non-prose).  This goes from July 1-31 and my goal for this will be to write 31,000 words – an average of 1k a day.  This is not a new write-a-thon for me, as those who follow my blog will know, so it is not this one that has my heart pumping a bit.

No.  I am a little nervous about the new to me write-a-thon:

Clarion West

The Clarion West Write-a-thon.  Again, set your own goals.  But this one starts June 17 and runs through July 28.  Six weeks of writing.  This mirrors the length of the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop, which is going on during those six weeks.  And for this write-a-thon, my goal is to write one completely new speculative fiction short story a week, just as the writers in the workshop will be doing.

But what has my heart pounding is the idea of ‘sponsorship’.  Clarion West uses their write-a-thon to fundraise by having people sponsor specific writers participating in the write-a-thon, donating in their names.  There’s no onus on the participants to fundraise, thankfully, but that doesn’t make me any less nervous about a new experience.

Overlapping these two might sound a bit crazy, but I am allowing myself to count words for Clarion West written during July to count towards Camp NaNo.  So here’s to writing, writing, writing!

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