Dreamer Alone (a mini opera)

Dreamer Alone

Written for the ENO Mini-Opera Contest in 2012.

The scene: a CHORUS, composed of a collection of ragged humans, is sprawled all over the space, members clumped together in small clusters or crouching alone, huddled inward.  Only two figures stand in the chaos: the SWEEPER and the DREAM.

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Communicating Without Meeting (a mini opera)

Communicating Without Meeting

Written for the ENO Mini Opera Contest in 2012.

A man and a woman stand at opposite sides of the stage, the area between them engulfed in nothingness.  He stands in a kitchen; she stands in a living room.  In the kitchen is a fridge with word magnets and a counter with a coffeepot.  In the living room is a table with pens and a stack of post-it notes.

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Not Quite There (a mini opera)

Not Quite There

Written for the ENO Mini Opera Contest in 2012

Scene: two men and two women stand in a space crowded with furniture and knick-knacks; an attic or garage full of stuff.  They are all completely isolated from each other by the items, no matter which way they move while the others speak, searching for someone else, but never finding that person.

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