Speed Reading – YA Book ‘Reviews’ Part 6

Here’s part 6 of my YA blitz reviews.  For the curious, part one and the explanation of this ‘series’ can be found here.  For the truly invested, here are part two, part three, part four, and part five.

As always, warning for potential SPOILERS!

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Speed Reading – YA Book ‘Reviews’ Part 1

I’ve been getting a lot of books from the library recently, and a lot of them are YA recs I’ve seen on other blogs participating in Top Ten Tuesday or WWW Wednesday.  Since none of them have fulfilled my missing time periods for the When Are You Reading? Challenge, I originally wasn’t going to post reviews for any of them, but I think that’s doing a disservice to a genre that I have been trying to get back into after being burned by repetitive plots, love triangles, predictable storylines, etc.

Fair warning, there are spoilers, mostly in the discussion of tropes, archetypes, and cliches used.

Without further ado, a whirlwind tour of some newer YA fantasy:

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